Two Cops Arrested, Accused of Taking Bribes For Clean Safety Inspections

photo: SAPD
photo: SAPD

A San Antonio police officer has been accused of taking bribes from a local carrier in exchange for near-perfect marks on vehicle inspections.

Police became suspicious when Texas Chrome Transport, a carrier based out of Atascosa, TX, was consistently earning very high scores with no violations found. According to SAPD Sergeant Jesse Salame, that’s incredibly uncommon.

An investigation was launched which found that the officer performing the inspections, Daniel Schmitt, had been allegedly accepting bribes from the company in exchange for giving them favorable marks. Schmitt is said to have accepted almost $8,000 worth of bribes from the carrier.

Schmitt, a 15-year veteran of the SAPD, is not the only officer implicated however. A second officer, Johnny Diaz, was said to have received at least one payout from Schmitt when he conducted the inspections instead.

Diaz turned himself in last week and both officers have been suspended from the SAPD indefinitely. Schmitt was arrested on Monday and charged with 8 counts of bribery. His bond was set at $20,000.

It is not yet clear whether charges will also be filed against Texas Chrome Transport.

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