Top Tips for Choosing a Truck Driver Staffing Firm

Companies in the market for a reliable firm to manage their truck driver staffing are looking for a way to save money and hassle. One thing they aren’t looking for is extra headaches because they chose an inferior staffing company. With their reputation on the line every time a truck bearing their name is on the highway, companies need to know they can safely rely on their staffing firm to deliver the best drivers possible.

We know that one of the most important things for clients is a sense of trust. For us, this means transparency and clearly structured contracts. Our commitment to safety and reliability has allowed us to attract the best drivers, which in turn has led to our remarkably low accident rate. We attract great candidates by offering them competitive pay, solid benefits and flexibility.

We’ve come up with some thoughts on what to look for in a truck driver staffing company. And– you guessed it– we meet every single one of these criteria with flying colors.

For Carriers

We know that while our drivers work for us, they’re representing your company on the road. Here are some things to think about as you look for a staffing firm:

Access To Driver Records

From the client perspective, transparency is key. While our drivers are our employees, we know that they’re working for you in a very public role. And we understand that providing our clients with timely access to driver records is important. Our contracts guarantee access within 48 hours, and most can be forwarded instantly.

Past Employer Checks

At TransForce, we don’t take shortcuts. We know that not all issues or personnel problems show up through government records. Consulting former employers can provide important insight to driver conduct. We don’t give up on contacting past employers, and we require extensive documentation about past employment from all candidates.

Motor Vehicle Records From The Source

We get drivers’ motor vehicle records from state agencies, not the drivers themselves. This reduces the potential for fraud and gives you more confidence in your driver’s safety record. It seems simple enough, but not all staffing firms take this extra step.

Verification Of Hours

Tired drivers are dangerous drivers. In the interest of safety, we check hours before each assignment to ensure that the driver has available hours to complete the assignment within legal limits. Our drivers’ health and public safety are of top concern.

DOT Compliant Drug And Alcohol Screening Program

This is another area where it doesn’t pay to take the easy road. Other companies may use invalid testing programs (such as instant tests). But our testing is completed according to DOT approved procedures at certified laboratories. Our contracts also guarantee clients access to all testing results and notification of positive tests. Once again, transparency and safety are key.

Sole Employer Status With Employees and Workers’ Comp

The reason our clients hire a staffing company is to remove the administrative headaches of hiring drivers. Our contract establishes TransForce as each driver’s sole employer. We are responsible for hiring, termination, discipline, wages, salaries, benefits and compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act. This is clear to our employees from the outset, and takes all of these issues off our clients’ plates entirely. This includes the all-important workers’ compensation, which is solely our responsibility in the event of a claim. Because our drivers are TransForce employees, and not independent contractors, this means no tax-related surprises for clients.

Contractual Indemnity

Our contracts are specifically designed to protect clients from workers’ compensation claims and other liability claims. Our goal is to build a relationship built on trust with our clients. That’s why we put it in writing.

For Drivers

Our record of success is based in large part on the fact that we recognize that our drivers are professionals and treat them as such. We offer our drivers a combination of flexibility and job security that’s unparalleled in our industry. We also pride ourselves on treating our drivers with the respect they deserve.

Here are a few things for drivers to look for in a staffing company:

Employee Status

Our drivers are our employees, plain and simple. We take responsibility for your salary, benefits, workers’ compensation and more. This helps ensure that drivers are valued employees rather than dispensable contractors.

Competitive Pay

Driving a truck is a professional occupation that requires skill and training. We believe in paying our drivers as the professionals they are.


Like most great companies, we offer medical, dental and vision insurance, paid time off and a 401K program. We know that employee health is key to offering clients the best drivers available, and we’ll work with you to keep you healthy. We also believe in the importance of rest and family time, as well as saving for retirement.

Assignment Flexibility

We offer local, regional and Over The Road driving options and allow drivers to change assignments when circumstances change. Instead of changing jobs because of a life change, we work to keep our great drivers on board by being flexible. We also believe that combining steady home time with steady, reliable work schedules is the key to happy, productive drivers.

Whether you’re a carrier looking to get rid of the administrative headache of managing a truck driving staff or a driver looking for the best workplace for flexibility and job security, it’s important to do your homework. Once you know what to look for in a staffing company, we think you’ll agree that Freight Match, Inc meets these important criteria. That’s why we’re the industry leader, and that’s why we’re 100 percent ready to meet your needs.

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