Get the Freight Match, Inc (FMI) Advantage Now! Professional Truck Dispatch & Logistics Services

Outsourcing your truck dispatch service needs is a simple yet effective way to provide a higher level of quality while still saving money.  We offer a full range of dispatch, factoring and service models. We enable our clients to start small and ramp up fast as the many benefits of outsourcing start delivering results. We are furthermore flexible enough to mix our service delivery models to come up with the best solution to achieve maximum return on investment and operational flexibility for our clients.  To discuss how we can help your organization call Customer Service by clicking here


When we become your dispatch and service provider there are certain requirements that you as the Carrier must meet in order for us to legally work with you or your company.y

Your Company Paperwork Must Include:

1. A copy of your valid Motor Carrier Authority.
2. A Signed Limited Power Of Attorney Form
3. A Completed Carrier Profile (Your assigned Dispatcher will help you with this after signup)
4. A Completed W9 Form.
5. A copy of your Insurance Certificate. We require $1 Million in Auto Liability and $100,000.00 in Cargo as a minimum. *See Sign-on page for more information.

Never hesitate with questions! We are happy to assist you: Feel free to contact us at any time.

If you prefer we can send the forms via email attachment. Just contact us to do so.

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