Owner Operators

Owner Operators Wanted

Get The 5 Star Dispatch Advantage Now! Professional Dispatch Services.

It is important to always remember that there are resources available to assist you in choosing the right brokers to do business with. As Trucker’s and Former Truckers 5 Star Dispatch just makes sense. We have only one goal in mind. Keeping you loaded and profitable. Period!

Think about it. Why would a company owned, run, and managed by truckers not have your best interest in mind?

There are also credit reporting services and tools available, all over the internet to check broker credit, offer resources for support and legal issues, and such. We do not critisize them, many are valid tools and services. We just know from over 100 years of combined ownership and experience in the trucking industry that honesty, integrity, and superior customer service supercede them all.  In other words, we use every opportunity to assist our customers whether shipper or carrier.

We offer professional services such as:

  1. Shipper Credit Verification.
  2. Carrier Payment direct to you
  3. We can connect you with a factoring company if you need paid faster.
  4. Referrals to other services such as roadside assistance, legal services, truck dispatch, carrier insurance, tax and bookkeeping services, IFTA services, FMCSA Authority, and much more.
  5. Lane Development and Load Planning.
  6. Truck & Fleet Management
  7. Other……..

When you become an Owner Operator for 5 Star Dispatch, you can be assured that we have your best interest in mind. You can use us for one load or for all your load needs. You can run when you want, use us every day, once a month, once a year, that is up to you. We will provide the same exceptional and reliable service no matter when or how often you choose to use our service.

  Trucks, Owner Operators, & Small Fleets. Get The Advantage!

Become an Authorized Carrier

5 Star Dispatch is in need of Owner Operators, Carriers, and Fleets with their own Authority.

We have plenty of trucking opportunities available. Owner Operators are in high demand. Shippers are in desperate need of reliable, reputable companies to move their freight. That is why 5 Star Dispatch has a wealth of profitable trucking opportunities for your truck or small fleet. We are dedicated to your success!


-No forced dispatch
-Our drivers are our 1st priority
-Set-up in less than 1 day
-We can find your backhaul loads too
-We plan with you and ahead for you
-You are not a number to us, you become part of the 5 Star Dispatch Family
-Professional Staff
-You make your own schedule as we are a partnership
-Open Door policy
-We handle set-up packets and build your clientele base
-Serving the US, Canada, and Mexico

Become a 5 Star Dispatch Authorized Carrier Today!

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