Driver Fined $1,300 During Surprise CARB Inspection Blitz

carb_logoOne driver was fined $1,300 after his truck was found to be non-compliant with California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions regulations during a surprise CARB inspection blitz this past week.

It seems that surprise inspection blitzes are all the rage nowadays. Following a series of unannounced inspection initiatives in multiple states including Nebraska (which saw 43% of inspected vehicles placed out of service), CARB inspection officers took to the highways around Santa Maria to make sure trucks using California’s roadways were compliant with the state’s emissions regulations.

According to KEYT, CARB officers inspected 77 trucks in 7 hours and found that 13 were not CARB-compliant.

Drivers who were pulled over were educated on the regulations. Those who were compliant were given a sticker to display on their window while the others were stuck with a citation and a fine.

“There is a minimum of $300, and then replace it within 45 days,” said on CARB inspector according to KEYT. “If they don’t comply, it goes up to $800, and then there will be a period where they can get their registration suspended.”

One trucker however was immediately slapped with a $1,300 fine. His vehicle was a fairly new 2014 Peterbilt, but it had an old non-compliant engine.

According to CARB, the goal of the regulations is to improve air quality in the state.

“We’re trying to reduce PM, which is commonly known as particulate matter. Diesel particulate matter will cause cancer. It is toxic and it will cause cancer.” said Eloy Florez a CARB Air Pollution Specialist, in an interview with KETY.


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